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Use Foam, Not Mud

Poly-Foam Lifting vs. Mudjacking

Here at Atlas Concrete Raising, we have experience in both traditional mudjacking and foam concrete lifting. We believe SO STRONGLY in the superior benefits of polyurethane foam concrete lifting, that we now specialize in ONLY this product and method. The products we use are designed and manufactured by HMI Company, and you can learn more about the foam products

Polyurethane Concrete Raising uses a foam material that is injected under the slab.  When the components of this material are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand.  This expanded foam fills any voids beneath the slab and raises concrete. This material will never lose density, is permanent and weighs only about 2 lbs. per cubic foot.

Key Differences
The Material Matters!

Polyurethane foam concrete raising material is injected as a liquid that sets-up as a rigid foam.  This foam will NEVER loose density or shrink.  This material is lighter than traditional mudjacking material, and requires less holes to install.  Even better, the holes are smaller creating a virtually invisible repair!

Mudjacking material is a sand based grout. Combined with Portland cement this non-organic mixture is pumped under the slab of concrete. The injection holes are larger at 1" or larger.

Settled concrete is commonly a result of poor soil conditions beneath a slab.

Polyurethane has become a popular repair method because the material is so lightweight compared to traditional mudjacking material, it will not further burden the already weak soil.

Mudjacking uses a sand based material that is infused with Portland cement.  This slurry is hydraulically pumped under the slab to fill voids and raise the concrete.  Mudjacking material weighs on average 100 lbs per cubic foot.

Foam Lifting Weighs Much Less than Mudjacking

Why choose foam over mudjacking?

  • More accurate

  • Less likely to re-settle

  • Eco-friendly, green product

  • 5/8" injection hole rather than 1"-1 5/8" mudjacking holes

  • Lightweight material

  • Very fast curing time

  • Ready to sustain normal use within minutes

  • Cleaner process

  • Saves over 50% of the costs of concrete replacement

Visual Foam Lifting Explanation
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